Sunday, August 19, 2012

My New Calling

I don't have anything super exciting to say except that I have a new calling in my YSA singles ward and 
I LOVE it :)  I am the Linger Longer Co-Chairman.

We had an Ice Cream Social last Sunday and it was amazing, my new co-chair is great to work with and my committee is very eager to help . . . and actually is helpful.
I committed to one Linger Longer a month, and if there is Fifth Sunday, one on that Fifth Sunday as well.  My Co-Chair is funny.  He is convinced I am the chairman (the one in "charge") and he is the co-chair no matter how much I explain we are co-chairs together he won't budge.  It is pretty funny.  

Basically this is a real blessing & I am very grateful to my Bishop, the new ward has made for a lot of changes fast, but I will say that my Bishop if truly inspired.  He is wonderful in his calling, and cannot say how comfortable I feel telling him concerns I have/had and how fast he was to respond and have a perfect resolution.  

No pictures, sorry, usually on Linger Longer Days I am pretty busy so I don't take pictures but let me tell you, TONS of food.  My ward is now up to almost 250 people to plan for.  I still haven't hit that "sweet" spot for the perfect amount of food.  

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