Sunday, July 8, 2012

Second Out-Door Rock Climbing Trip

This Saturday I went on my Second Out-Door Rock Climbing Trip!  Josh was originally supposed to go on a hike called The Jug which Josh told me I was NOT invited to which really made me mad so I planned an in-door rock climbing trip with two girlfriends of mine.  Well turns out I am a really mean girlfriend and got my boyfriend to feel guilty enough about going on his hike w/out me and so when given an out he took it & asked me if I wanted to go out-door climbing instead.   

When we went out to First Friday last night he ate pizza & cake from a gallery, well that is relevant bc when I went to his house this morning at 4:30 a.m. to head out Josh is tired from wanting the throw up all night.  He probably got food poisoning.  
BUT being the BEST boyfriend he threw up a few times and still took me and my friends out.

(My climbing shoes are the purple & my harness is purple & I am planning to get a purple chalk bag)

He was the only one skilled enough to lead climb which means you clip in the rope to the anchors, which means you stand a chance to fall farther in=between the anchors.  

My friend Raila has never been before so Josh is explaining to her how her harness works, showing her how the rope is secure and that is completely safe.  

I was really proud of her. She is not very into out-door things and getting dirty, and yet she came and was very willing to get up on the rock.  It took a bit of time but she got to the TOP!!!!  

This is my friend Kayla, she came even with a weak wrist and was awesome.  

When Josh wasn't having to lead climb he was able to just lay down and belay.   He was a great sport, truly great!!!  I had a ton of fun, I did the easy climb, and then I did a 5.9 and a 5.8 both kicked my butt. 

I should get pictures of me on the mountain from Kayla, to be continued . . .

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