Monday, November 24, 2008

The Newest Addition To Our Home:

This is for Michael, I know that he does not get to see the dogs or Grandpa that often so I will try to get them on my blog whenever a photo opportunity presents itself.

Dad recently bought a Nordic Track that currently lives in our family room, getting it there left me bruised for two weeks so I am in no hurry to move it soon. Dad usually runs on it at night after he gets home from work, the dogs Behr and Brenlie cannot stand the noise it makes and so they stand around and bark at it.

This picture shows the track going super slow in hopes of getting the dogs on it and not afraid. That lasted about 5 seconds, as you can see Dad is trying to pull a resistent Behr back on, and Brenlie is very safely off and cowering. Brian is pretty winded from Behr almost falling on him.

Behr is too big of a dog for even Dad to physically make him obey, and Behr slipped off and started barking again. It lasted about 4 more trials until we gave up, Behr and Brenlie can be very stubborn dogs, you can say that they fit right in with the family.

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Kylene said...

Michael asked for "another more picture". And he wants them to be much bigger. Really he wants a web cam in your house that he can scroll around to get a 360 degree view of everything he wants to see. Work on that.. k thx :p Love the hair btw! The color looks really good too.