Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Payson Pictures

Here are some more pictures from our family trip to Payson.

First is Dad and his infamous Tote-Gote, he has made some changes to it in the last couple of years, resewed the seat, added a new motor engine to it and also finished it with a glossy red paint. Dad admitted that it is well over 30 years old, he has spent a lot of time getting it ready for this trip. Mostly I was suprised how well he has fixed it up, he can pick up some really good speed on it.

At this point Dad just wanted to take it for a quick spin before we had to head back home, he even tried to get Brian and I to drive on it, you can guess how we responded.

While Dad was driving around in the snow, wearing shorts if you cannot tell, Brenlie and I look on from the comfort of the camper.

Brenlie and Behr were so funny the whole trip, for as much as they loved the snow, and played in it they would always head back to the camper and sit there until someone got their interest. During one of our rides Brenlie refused to budge from the front seat of the 4-Wheeler and so Dad had to stand in the back because Brenlie could not be moved. I wish we had a picture of that to show.

One really cool thing about this trip was that it was my first experience with falling snow. I have been in snow before, but I have never actually seen it fall and it was so pretty and amazing. Mom thought I was dumb, but I was just so awestruck by how pretty it looked, I wish we could have stayed longer. We however were not expecting snow and were not dressed accordingly, and so we were all were pretty cold at this point.


Kylene said...

I'm not sure if my last post published or not...but it looked like you guys had a great time. I'm glad you were able to get the time off and do it. It will be a while before we do anything like that with our family. Good luck with school :p

Whitney said...

How fun! I love how much you're posting! It maked me happy :)

northholland said...

hi, erin

how are you. these pictures are great. to see you spend time with the family. thy create lots of memories and traditions. enjoy them
sure is a small world. to know that you my niece allisia bottomlie. have a wonderfull christmas.your friend herman

Sumner Family said...

We are so glad that you have a we can check up on you:)

Arica & John