Monday, January 13, 2014

Josh's Birthday

This Sunday we celebrated Josh's Birthday.  It is funny to think in the 3 years we've been dating that this is the first birthday we've been able to spend together.  

I am so grateful that it landed on a weekend, we got to sleep in and just relax which is such a blessing.  Josh & I attended church and our bishop is very on top of things.  We met with him and he did a little meeting to get to know us a little better and see if we were interested in accepting callings.  It was awesome, we hopefully will get callings within the next month. AND we did get asked to speak this next Sunday, so that is exciting :)  I am less excited than Josh, he LOVES to talk and it doesn't matter if it is in front of 2 people or 200, I get much more nervous so hopefully it goes well. 

I fixed Josh the Jalapenos stuffed with Cream Cheese and wrapped in Bacon, one of his favorites.  It isn't supposed to be a meal, just an appetizer but Josh was content.  He got to Skype with some family and talk to a few on the phone so that was fun.  

This week I will just apply for more jobs, hopefully get my birth certificate so I can at least update my new name with the social security office.  DMV is going to be harder bc they require 2 separate documents proving residency so we have to wait for my bank statement cycle to roll.  And I also am going to be added to the lease, being married is fun, but the legal details are less exciting.

Weather here is crazy, one day I am freezing cold, the next it is quite warm, and almost always it is SO windy.  I have a ton of bites all over my legs.  Josh was worried fleas got in the carpet again but he hasn't been bit at all so we aren't sure exactly what is going on.  Josh I suspect is excited I don't love it here, he really wants to try & find a job in AZ after his 2 years are over here so that fact that I haven't fallen immediately in love has given him hope. . . 

It has been a fun 3 weeks of marriage so far :) 

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