Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Largest Natural Travertine Cave

Josh and I went up this past weekend 05/20/2012 (Sunday - evening of the Eclipse) to 05/22/2012 (Tuesday Afternoon) to head up to the Tonto National Forest.  On our way up we stopped and pulled off the road to watch the "ring of fire" with the help of my Dad's welding mask, our timing was completely perfect, it was so awesome looking.

We car camped that night and woke up in the morning to head to the Tonto Forest Travertine Cave which was really pretty, and thankfully very cool in temperature.  It is supposed to be the largest natural travertine cave in the USA, I do not know that for a fact. . .

Me inside the cave.

I really like this picture, and Josh says this what my "natural" smile looks like. 


The water falling into the cave was really pretty to look at but also super refreshing.  It made a nice little pond down in the middle of the cave.  The volunteer that works there told us how low the water level is right now and how usually it is much deeper water in the cave.

Josh and I, it is hard to get both of us in the a picture so you tend to get a bit of Josh's arm too, but I still think we make a good looking couple.

I laid here for a little bit, it was just so nice and felt cool against my back. 

 We hiked back up after this and I was so hot, and I started to get a head ache, we were supposed to get to fossil springs and backpack down there and hang out at the water tomorrow and hike back up.  This was supposed to be my first backpacking trip but with my head hurting Josh thought it was best to just car camp again and just do small hikes tomorrow so I can get used to my new backpack.

It was super pretty here and I cannot say enough how "cool" it felt to be in the cave.

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