Monday, February 4, 2013

Susie Homaker

I've decided once a week to make all my meals.  So far so good.  Still have left over shredded beef from the burritos I made and tonight I made cream cheese chicken crescents and spaghetti with sauteed green peppers and pan cooked jalepeno & cheese sausage. 

You are supposed to notice how amazing this looks, I even made my own bread crumbs, but some bread in the little food processor I have and added some of the Italian seasoning in it, voila :)

And the end result, I am very proud of myself, I haven't taken to baking like I thought I would but I HAVE taken to cooking. 

I am going to make is a personal goal to start baking more too. 

Anyway, the only issue is I cook late, so I am eating late and from what I hear it is hard to digest food so late, you should eat like 3 hours before you go to bed. . . details.
I will try to not make this not become a cooking blog, but mostly I will try and add little posts about my prouder moments in the kitchen. 

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