Sunday, February 3, 2013

South Mountain - Javelina Trail

This morning I went out to South Mountain with my friend Kayla, & met up with two of my co-workers.  A guy I work with is on a similar quest I am, we both want to practice wearing our packs, and especially wearing packs while hiking.  
We did a few different trails but I believe the main one was Javelina Trail at South Mountain.  It was really good, the weather was perfect, the trail not busy and it was fun :)
Good incline so we got a view but not an aggressive hike where I am dying, good gradual incline with ups and downs, and the ridge line was pretty cool.

The girl co-worker brought her dog Bella, and she did SO good.  I can't remember the breed but not a big dog, short little legs that really held up.  
Calculated we did about 5.4 miles at 2.5 miles and hour.  

There are some good trails I saw that I want to come back and check out for my bike, something really easy and not a lot of ups & downs, you know - flat :)

At Night I went to a bacherolette party, didn't stay long, it was at Cadillac Ranch and if I drank maybe it would have been more fun.  
There was a card game & I was supposed to get a guy there to ask me to marry him, and my girlfriend I went with was supposed to get a guys phone & call the last number dialed & talk to the person. 
We didn't win. . . 

Anyway good week :)  Crazy to think it is already February!!  

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