Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Outdoor Gear

Today is the day I have completed my Gregory Pack Collection!
This is my BEAUTIFUL Hydration pack, I've been looking since this Spring for my own hydration pack, I looked at Camelbak's, Ousprey's, etc. . . and this is the pack I fell in love with.

AND this is my Day Hike Pack, it is almost exactly like my hydration pack, which is the Gregory Dipsea 6 Pack, and this is the Maya 18 Gregory Pack.  They are super purposeful and good quality, so not only are they good looking but practical :)

Now the biggest pack I own, my Gregory Jade 50 Pack, it is a backpacking backpack.  This is the first pack I bought & I really liked it.  Gregory has a women specific design that fits really comfortably.  
This is the pack I used on my Sedona trip.

Love it!

Lastly, all of my Gregory Packs, from biggest to smallest. 
The duffel bag I got super cheap and I was excited to get it in time for trip to Alabama this October, I plan to pack my Maya 18 in it so we can day hike in AL.  

My climbing trip this past weekend went really great. No pictures of our recent climbs but Kayla promised her mom pictures at future trips.  
On Monday, our most recent trip I started with a 5.6, then climbed 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 5.10-, 5.10+ & I tried a 5.11 but had to cheat a little bit on that one.
We also did 3 bouldering problems, those are so hard, but it really fun too. 

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Kylene said...

You are too funny! You always did like purses. I could tell you some of the things people have shared with me that helps lower blood pressure, but they are all anecdotal and probably not true. Good luck.