Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Taco Salad Linger Longer - the family pitched in

I had a Linger Longer Today and I knew it would be a little more
complicated than the ones in the past.

Which means:  Lots of perishables. 
Lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, guacamole, & cheese.
Plus Beans both black & re-fried.
And LOTS of ground beef.  

What these next three pics are of me on the big unit on the stove & on the electric frying pan
& Dad on his camp stove.  
Mom is cutting lettuce bc there was TONS of Lettuce too!
Dad was great.  Mom was still at church & he saw me trying to cook 30 lbs. of ground beef & the
roaster wasn't cooking it like Mom said it would.  The heat comes from the sides not the bottom :(
So dad busted out the electric frying pan and started cooking with me on the stove,
but then also busted out the camp stove.  Propane is on the floor.  

And Dad was helpful for the figuring measurements for the meat seasoning. 
It was a mess. 

A girl in my ward posted this on the ward blog site so I copied it so you can see (kind of) 
what it all amounted to. 
People seemed to really like it but I am super tired.  Not sleepy but definitely worn.
Not to mention the clean up.  
What a mess. 

Between my family & my committee everyone was very helpful.  This event though was definitely a lot of work so I am thinking something a little simpler for the Fifth Sunday Linger Longer. 


Kylene said...

That made me laaaaugh. Dad is very resourceful. Glad it all went well. We eat a lot of taco salads here. But not that much :p

Also, you should pull off the authenticator or whatever it is that makes me type the weird smooshed letters, especially if you are moderating the comments anyway.

Erin said...

I tried updating the comment authenticator. Let me know if it still makes you type the weird smooshed letters.