Saturday, October 29, 2011

Camping Trip Two

These happen once a month, usually the Friday & Saturday before I teach on Sunday for Relief Society. This time I got to invite two of my girlfriends to come along, Raila Hansen & Kayla Patridge - who technically works with Dave and was his friend first but I count her as my guest.

This is around the campfire that took Dave over an hour to build, it was pretty funny how mad he was getting about it. But he was stubborn and got it going in the end. And Madeleine the blanket is the one you picked out for me, I take it everywhere, thank-you!

There is usually some kind of hammock shot, we hiked to a lake and Dave took a nap for most of the afternoon while us girls played around the lake.

We went on our own exploration and found some cool paths and had fun :)

In the lake there were some pretty big crawdads, Kayla even caught a few, this was one of the smaller ones. She got cut on one she caught, she is very adventurous.

Raila & I on a rock we bravely jumped to, by-the-way the water was really cold.

Okay, this is big, I slept in a tent. I generally refuse to sleep in a tent, but Raila told me that was her condition if she came camping. She slept like the dead, I did less well.

The end of the hike back from the lake, it was so much fun, I have some seriously great friends!

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