Sunday, March 22, 2009

My 22nd Birthday

Yesterday was my 22nd Birthday, but it was too jammed packed that I decided to have my family celebration on Sunday when things were less crazy. On my birthday, Saturday, I had to take a defensive driving class in the morning - had to take work off to go, registration started at 7:15 a.m. and class went till a little before 1 p.m. so not too bad. Afterwards Mom and I went shopping and I got some great work clothes, and a nice spring skirt to wear for church- not the one I am wearing in the pictures although that one is kind of new too. Twilight came out on DVD for my birthday so I got that to watch, Mom and I made caramel popcorn to eat with the movie. I went to my boyfriend Jeff's apartment and made him watch Twilight with me and I beat him in a game of boggle - with a new boggle set that he got me for my birthday!

On Sunday I went to my singles ward at 10:30, had a great time, and came home to find that Dad had fixed my light fixture! It has been broken for a couple of months now, but official died 3 days ago and it has been horrible having no ceiling light or fan. However, Dad fixed it by taking one of the controls in his and Mom's room so now one of their ceiling lights/fan does not work. Mom made an amazing birthday dinner for me, steak, fresh fruit, and for dessert a marscapone cheesecake I picked out. Everything was delicious!

Dad was the one who took charge of my birthday presents this year, because of my new hobby snowboarding he got me my own board which was so cute, a pretty cream on one side and a beautiful lavender on the other. He also bought me a Spyder snow jacket, and snowboarding pants which fit perfectly and was really warm. He even got me my boot harness for my board, the only thing left is boots, but that would have been too tricky to get because of size variations. It was amazing!

The board is a great length, Dad had to base all the lengths from boards we had rented in the past, I never got the same size so it was a challenge but I think my board is perfect.

Behr and Brenlie were excited by all the boxes and commotion. They wanted in on the action and so Behr had to come investigate my board and make sure that everything was okay before he could lie back down again.

I know I look kind of silly now, but the boots will make a huge difference, mostly we were just trying to see where the harnesses were going to be placed. I still have not figured out if I ride the board normal or goofy, I am terribly inconsistent in that regard and it is really frustrating. I am determined in two weeks to make stick with one direction, I cannot wait for Park City now!

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