Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Semester 2008

My fall semester has been very busy. I am taking 15 credit hours instead my usual 12 credit hours which accounts for many late nights. It is my senior year and cannot wait for graduation, although I sometimes fear that it will never come. Right now I am anxiously trying to find an internship that will meet all the university requirement before November. If you cannot tell I still am working for Wells Fargo, but I would like to try an internship with a different company for a change of pace. I have been there almost 2 years now and love it now more than ever, my new branch at Higley and Brown is amazing. I love it there.


Kylene said...

Love the new hair cut! You guys will have to post more picts of the house, I see that Mom's desk is behind you, but I haven't seen the layout of her or Brian's rooms yet!

Erin said...

Thanks. I will try to take more pictures around the house, as long as you promise to post pictures of your kids halloween costumes.

Kylene said...

I like your new layout and your picture! You should change the color of your name in text in the pict. tho...maybe a dark brown or something, that color is a little hard to see/read. :)And we need Halloween pictures! I want to see your wand!