Friday, October 31, 2008

Harry Potter Halloween 2008

We decided this year to dress ourselves around the theme of the Harry Potter book series. Mom was Professor McGonagall, I was Hermione Granger, and Brian was Harry Potter.

Brian is showing off his wand that he made literally that day with the help of Dad he was able to make a pretty authentic looking wand. The stain was a nice touch.

Mom's costume was really pretty, the green hat and cloak were perfect. She even had her Harry Potter theme sound track from The Sorcerer's Stone playing in the background while we waited for trick-or-treaters. It was a pretty slow night, out there from 6 p.m. to about 10 p.m. but we also visited neighbors. We even brought out the UNO cards to play a few games while waiting, it was a fun night.

My wand had been done since Wednesday night, Dad helped me with the lathe first. The stain was not added until an hour before we needed to head outside. This year was amazing, I only wish we had more trick-or-treaters. I love seeing the little kids costumes, we had some really cute ones this year.

Happy Halloween!


Jolene said...

I am so impressed! You guy could walk right in to Hogwarts!

Jolene said...

Okay, so I'm tired. guys and into!

Kylene said...

How fun! I should sent Michael's wand to you guys too. He just got a regular old dowel. Actually, he only ever had it for about two minutes while we took pictures. I think Matt said it best, "You're really gonna GIVE him a stick?"