Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Engagement Ring

I wanted pictures of this to remember my first engagement ring, Josh technically didn't propose with this ring, but when we were trying to decide between sterling silver and white gold Josh brought out some rings he made in a jewelry class.  
This ring is the only one small enough to fit my ring finger that Josh made.  I have been wearing it since that night :)
I did meet up with our old Branch President who is a jeweler to make my engagement ring, it should be wonderful!  An antique cushion cut green quartz gem, hallowed by small little diamonds in a white gold setting.  Josh said he would do his best to make our wedding bands.  Josh & I both already agreed that I can't be upset if Josh doesn't wear a ring through our marriage, I don't really care and Josh said he'd rather not with all the outdoor activities he does.  But I did ask that he wear one for the ceremony and reception, pictures, etc. . . 

Please forgive the tinker bell band aid.  Sorry.

Close-up :) So pretty!  Josh said it was an assignment design for his class, he did a leaf. 

Love my fiance, as of today, according to the countdown my girlfriend emails me every work day we are at 150 days till I GET MARRIED!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

First Almost Official Bowman Dinner

This Sunday I was invited to my fiance's family dinner, this is the first dinner I am going as his fiance without him.  I was pretty nervous, I don't have his friendly and easy going demeanor.  
It was the 3 brothers and their wives and children and the parents.  A good-sized group!!!

I was in-charge of fruit, I brought pineapple, sliced apples, red grapes and raspberries, it didn't look pretty and colorful but I think it tasted nice.  They served yummy burritos, tasty chicken, beans, rice, salsa, the works.  Dessert, Josh died when he found out, was chocolate cupcakes will a brownie filling and a Reese's Peanut Butter cup in the middle.  From the looks of the kids enjoyment, Delicious!!!

It was nice, I was nervous with not having Josh there now that we're officially getting married & I'm now the future daughter-in-law.  BUT I had a good time.  Josh's mom gave some good suggestions for the timing of the ceremony & receptions.  Sarah, I told about the dress I was planning to buy and she asked me to describe it, I described it as a simple bodice that is fitted down past the waist with a puffy skirt with tulle.  She told me that sounded really similar to her dress and asked if I wanted to see it, and said YES, and it was SO SO SO similar to what I was looking at.  She offered to let me use it!! So excited!!! I tried it on and it is only a little too big, the length is only a little too long, she said I was free to make any alterations I need!!

I left their house and showed my Mom.  Turns out it is an unofficial tradition for us to use our sister-in-laws wedding dress.  My mom did, and I forgot Kylene did & now me.

I told Josh and he agreed that we never have known I borrowed it, probably still won't remember, but he is happy I am happy :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Independence Day

It was so nice to spend the Independence Holiday with my family.  We had spent the evening watching the Diamond Backs game 15 beautiful evenings of baseball for the Dbacks to pull a win :)

Mom made yummy hamburgers with baked beans, fresh fruit and I drank soda!!!

Josh & I got to skype before I left.  I seriously have the BEST fiance.  He texts me everyday, we talk after work, and we even try and skype everyday.  Josh started this new thing last night where we do so many minutes of push-ups (mine are girl style), then sit-ups, yucky wall squats, and some kind of back exercise, not sure what it is called.  Suffice to say I am super sore this morning, like ridiculously sore from the push-ups.  
Plus we started reading the scriptures every night together, we are trying to build good habits now before we get married and live together. 

I have made zero progress in planning our wedding, like less than zero.  Josh & I really need to buckle down and get a photographer and a caterer.  And then after that will be the invitations, dress alterations, ordering flowers making hair & make-up appointments. 

I am grateful for this country, for the men & women who serve to protect my freedoms. 
God Bless America!