Monday, July 15, 2013

First Almost Official Bowman Dinner

This Sunday I was invited to my fiance's family dinner, this is the first dinner I am going as his fiance without him.  I was pretty nervous, I don't have his friendly and easy going demeanor.  
It was the 3 brothers and their wives and children and the parents.  A good-sized group!!!

I was in-charge of fruit, I brought pineapple, sliced apples, red grapes and raspberries, it didn't look pretty and colorful but I think it tasted nice.  They served yummy burritos, tasty chicken, beans, rice, salsa, the works.  Dessert, Josh died when he found out, was chocolate cupcakes will a brownie filling and a Reese's Peanut Butter cup in the middle.  From the looks of the kids enjoyment, Delicious!!!

It was nice, I was nervous with not having Josh there now that we're officially getting married & I'm now the future daughter-in-law.  BUT I had a good time.  Josh's mom gave some good suggestions for the timing of the ceremony & receptions.  Sarah, I told about the dress I was planning to buy and she asked me to describe it, I described it as a simple bodice that is fitted down past the waist with a puffy skirt with tulle.  She told me that sounded really similar to her dress and asked if I wanted to see it, and said YES, and it was SO SO SO similar to what I was looking at.  She offered to let me use it!! So excited!!! I tried it on and it is only a little too big, the length is only a little too long, she said I was free to make any alterations I need!!

I left their house and showed my Mom.  Turns out it is an unofficial tradition for us to use our sister-in-laws wedding dress.  My mom did, and I forgot Kylene did & now me.

I told Josh and he agreed that we never have known I borrowed it, probably still won't remember, but he is happy I am happy :)

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