Monday, October 28, 2013

Packing has begun

I leave for my last visit to Texas before the BIG move.  And I am packing for my trip.  On my last trip I packed 2 duffle bags full of things from my desk, things I will not be using so it will be less to haul in December.  So I am packing the 2 duffle bags again so we will be 4 bags lighter :)
This time clothes, which is awesome because it will be so much lighter to carry, holy smokes those papers, desk supplies, and sewing materials were a little heavy.

I leave Wednesday afternoon and with the time differential I will land Wednesday night.  
So far Josh & I don't really have plans, which is crazy for us, I usually have the whole visit planned, and with activities to spare.  
This time I have nothing, Josh actually was the one to suggest an art walk they have First Fridays in CC, TX.  Similar to the one we have in PHX, we went to one once & I really enjoyed it, and he also suggested we go to northern TX and see the Fall Foliage.  

I am also excited bc this visit will be a little longer than my last visit, only Saturday afternoon to Tuesday 4 a.m., I arrive Wednesday afternoon, and leave Tuesday 4 a.m. (not many flights into & out of CC, TX).  
BUT I'll get 3 extra days :) and Josh is taking Friday off so we'll have a 3-day weekend.  

Right now I am just so anxious to leave, don't want to work tomorrow, just want to clean my apartment and sleep. This is exciting because it is the LAST time I'll have to say Good-bye bc next time I see him will be December and I'll get to go home with him BC we're MARRIED :) !!!!

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