Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Trip to San Antonio

I finally get to see my fiance after 4 months of being engaged!!!!  I flew out Saturday Sept. 14th in the morning, and arrived that afternoon in San Antonio, TX!
Josh said for my first trip to TX a weekend in San Antonio will probably be more fun than Corpus Christi.  We had wanted to do the River Walk that night but I was beat after dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and a fun excursion to REI.  We didn't leave REI till closing so it was kind of late, so I figured we'd get some sleep and have Sunday to do more site seeing.  

Sunday morning we went and drove to the San Antonio Temple, SO pretty, but unfortunately SO closed.  Completely gated off, we couldn't even get pictures without the tall metal gate in the way.  Josh was bummed bc we got my engagement ring the night before I left & Josh wanted to "present" it to me there.  

We then head to the River Walk, holy smokes parking here is worse than ASU event parking.  We took this picture to remind us the main crossroad of where we parked.  I have the other cross road pic too but it isn't as clear.  

It was very scenic and pretty.  But I got BIT by TONS of MOSQUITOS!!!  It had been very rainy here and the River Walk to me reeked of urine so I wasn't keen to walk the whole thing.  I imagine I got the gist of it.  Very pretty :)

Even Pretty flowers!

Map we took a picture of so we could go to the Alamo. 

Found Alamo St. 

A lot of people who were suggesting places to visit in San Antonio said not to bother with The Alamo but I am glad we stopped bc Josh & I spent the rest of the afternoon here.  We both really enjoyed it.  

It is surprising how small it is, I imagined something larger but the history behind it is amazing.  Josh and I watched a 10 minute History Channel spot on it in Visitor Center.  We then just toured the grounds and had a nice visit.  Josh LOVES trees, and I'll admit this one was quite grand.  It was HUGE and all twisty and cool looking. We have like 10 pictures of this tree courtesy of Josh. 

The plaque for who the tree was dedicated to. 

More Pretty Flowers.  By this time I was getting tired of walking around, I only had flip flops on and those were not the best choice for sight seeing.  My feet were feeling all the walking so Josh was trying to buoy my spirits with pretty flowers. 

After the Alamo we walked back to the car and headed to Corpus Christi, TX.  Wonderful visit in San Antonio :) 
On our way to Josh's we had some fun rain storms on the way, TX needs the rain, Josh was telling me how they were in a drought so this rain is very welcome.  

Monday Josh had to cover a Life Guard Shift bc now that school is in session his guards availability is a little bit of a joke so like noon to 1:15 he had to be there.  It was fun though going to his work, I met a few of his employees and one of his guards.  This board was in his office and I was so proud, these are the first 3 outdoor clinics he put together and I tried to zoom in on the contact: Josh Bowman part!
So exciting!!!

It was very sad Monday morning though to have to check in already for my flight on Tuesday morning, first thing at 6:15 a.m. 
For Monday after the pool we just headed back and cooked the rest of the day.  It was quite rainy, no lightning though so Josh couldn't close the pool.  But we made Jalepenos with Bacon, and Adobo Chicken which are some of Josh's favorites.  By Monday I still hadn't been "presented" my ring so Josh asks pretty randomly when I wanted my ring.  I thought well heck, whenever you give it to me.  So Josh told me about the ideas he had, but we just didn't have the time and weather didn't quite work with us, but man oh man is my ENGAGEMENT RING GORGEOUS!!!!
I am so exited! 

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