Sunday, May 27, 2012

Backpacking in Sedona

Josh & I did head to Sedona Tuesday and spent the day there finding little hikes for me to do so I could get used to wearing my backpack and hiking with it on.  

It was a little hot that day, there was a little wind but mostly it was super hot.  Josh and I got made sure we wore sunscreen and I was good to wear a hat, I took it off for the pictures but I was good to wear it.

Josh is really sweet when he takes pictures, this time he tried to get a panoramic set of pictures of where I am sitting so I could remember my first backpack hike and have a perfect recollection.

Both of us 

And the beautiful view.  

This is at Slide Rock, it is pretty popular because of the water you can swim in, we didn't go to the actual slide rock but we hiked down to the water and it was so nice.

The water level was pretty low just like in Tonto, it is going to be a pretty hard summer with the little rain fall we have received and whatever snow we had just sank down and didn't run through.

It was so much fun to head back to Sedona, Josh and I had our "first" date out in Sedona, we even went back to the same first hike we did there and it was fun to there again with him.  Josh would like my backpack to be a little tighter around my waist, he thinks that will make backpacking a little easier for me so the pack will force some of the weight on my hips not just my back and shoulder.  I really don't know how it is supposed to fit so I will just trust his judgement and rely on his experience.  

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