Friday, August 31, 2012

My New Goal!

I have a new goal, some friends at work were talking about signing up for Tough Mudder, it is intense!   I have been trying to work out again, I just cannot get motivated.  This may not come out great, but when I look at myself I don't think hey you need to work out.  I think I look good, but I know my body is pretty weak and with my blood pressure sky high working out couldn't hurt.  

I LOVE rock climbing and got a month pass that I am hopefully going to start tomorrow, Sept 1 and go as often as I can September.  Rock climbing is GREAT, my arms get so toned it is awesome! AND Josh built a small rock wall in his parents garage so I am going to ask Sis. Bowman if I can use her garage once a week or once every other week after my pass is up.  Plus by Oct. hopefully the weather will be cooler so being in a garage won't be super hot.  But I also found another event to train for: Mud Factor.  Tough Mudder isn't until February 2012 so that is pretty far away so I found Mud Factor & I it is this November and it is slightly less intense.  So a good practice.  Mostly I think I will do the Mud Factor & then just volunteer for Tough Mudder.  We'll see. . . 

Anyway, that is my newest kick right now.  I plan to get super involved in Rock Climbing, Belly Dancing, give Yoga another shot & training for the mud factor.  I will still try and go to the gym, probably just to do weights, I really like weight lifting.  Especially at night bc you get the whole gym to yourself (almost) and I don't feel silly like everyone is watching me lift only 5 lbs.  :)
As far as cardio goes, I basically HATE cardio.  Josh told me that if I don't like it, then I shouldn't do it & I totally support that.  I will however give biking a chance.  I bought a bike might as well use it.  It's way more fun to ride a bike when you're boyfriend is there to tell you how cute you look, by yourself it is just lame.  I have some girlfriends that said they're game to start biking but from what I've learned about the 'buddy' system is: it doesn't work.  
Rock Climbing is great bc if you don't have a buddy to belay you, you just boulder by yourself which is still an awesome work out.   

I'll keep you updated!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My New Calling

I don't have anything super exciting to say except that I have a new calling in my YSA singles ward and 
I LOVE it :)  I am the Linger Longer Co-Chairman.

We had an Ice Cream Social last Sunday and it was amazing, my new co-chair is great to work with and my committee is very eager to help . . . and actually is helpful.
I committed to one Linger Longer a month, and if there is Fifth Sunday, one on that Fifth Sunday as well.  My Co-Chair is funny.  He is convinced I am the chairman (the one in "charge") and he is the co-chair no matter how much I explain we are co-chairs together he won't budge.  It is pretty funny.  

Basically this is a real blessing & I am very grateful to my Bishop, the new ward has made for a lot of changes fast, but I will say that my Bishop if truly inspired.  He is wonderful in his calling, and cannot say how comfortable I feel telling him concerns I have/had and how fast he was to respond and have a perfect resolution.  

No pictures, sorry, usually on Linger Longer Days I am pretty busy so I don't take pictures but let me tell you, TONS of food.  My ward is now up to almost 250 people to plan for.  I still haven't hit that "sweet" spot for the perfect amount of food.