Sunday, March 25, 2012

The New Apron

This may not be blog worthy but I am very excited about my new Apron! A girl I used to work with started making aprons in her spare time since she became a stay at home mother & I took the task upon myself to learn how to cook some of the things my boyfriend likes. So. . . I needed/wanted an apron. It isn't what I would have picked but I am learning to really LOVE it. It is a really bold pattern but the shape fits me perfectly and the pockets are very purposeful. But what I really Love is the two flowers she sewed on the side of the bottom pocket, very cute - which you cannot see in the picture - sorry.

I have already had 2 cooking lessons so I am have already broke my apron in, but it isn't dirty yet so I don't know if that counts. Anyway I will keep updates of anything I cook (that turns out good). And yes that is my crock pot again, this birthday made me feel really old because I was VERY excited to get a crock pot.

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