Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve we had Kyle & Tara with baby McKenna come visit along with Aunt Jolene, Chris & Brooke with their kids and MaryJo & Eric with their kids. Busy house!

Everybody was very excited for the food to be ready, we had Honey Ham, Mormon Potatoes, Butterhorn Rolls, my awesome Deviled Eggs with a relish dish.

Abigail & Aunt Jolene all smiles :)

Everyone together to exchange gifts between the families. This has become a recent family tradition.

Christmas Day!
Brian woke everyone up about 7:30 a.m. for Christmas Presents. It is Sunday today so we all have church meetings so I guess it is good we started early

Brian at the end with all his goodies, he got a laptop, lots of Legos along with candy and giftcards.

Me on Christmas Day, I got a laptop too.

Plus a camera.

We had a great Christmas together. Mom got an Ipod & a Kitchen set. Dad didn't get anything specific but said he is sure he got something this year. We got to skype with Kylene and her kids in the morning before I left for church which was awesome. All our church meetings were just Sacrament so we got to come home and just chill the rest of the day.

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