Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dogs Haircut

So, this actually happened in May over Memorial Day - which was a weekend when Mom and Brian were in Maryland and Dad and I were home together. He decides that it is a great time to give the dogs haircuts. I will not dispute that they needed it, but I did not want to spend my day off to do it.

Behr has a ton of hair! I wish I took pictures of the hair we buzzed off, it was layers and layers of hair in our backyard. Here are some pictures I found of the dogs before their trimming.

This one is my personal favorite of Behr - it was taken in the winter so he does have a winter coat - but still - this dog has lots of fur!

Here is the after photos - this is actually 2 trims after. Dad and I took off an inch the first time, but then 2 weeks later Mom, and I took off another 1/2 inch. They look pretty goofy in the pictures, but the hair has darkened to a nice red again.

The hair has also evened quite a bit too.

Brenlie was a little coward when it came down to the cut, she had way less hair than Behr and took a fraction of the time to do.

I really love my dogs, because that was definitely a labor of love.

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Kylene said...

Wow, with Behr all shaved it reminds me so much of when he was a puppy. I don't know if it is the color, or the shortness, but he really does look exactly like he used to.