Thursday, April 10, 2014

Moving Out Conference Weekend

Josh & I had up till April 8th to be moved out of our apartment, and due to conflicts with Josh's work schedule and church appointments we had to move out over Conference Weekend. 

Josh was thankfully able to find help for the 2 days he had set aside for moving the furniture.  Our storage unit had to be cleared out by March 31st, so Josh's Young Men President helped him move my desk, hutch, and Josh's old dresser.  Poor Brother Thompson and Josh, they were dying with that desk.  And it didn't even fit through our door, so it is sitting in our shed for the time being.  

And the other day a co-worker AND ME! helped moved the rest of the furniture Thursday Night.  We Slept on the floor Thursday & Friday Night at the apartment as you can see below in the pictures.  It wasn't too bad bc we had Josh's Mattress Pad that he used on his Air Mattress, and we would have used the air mattress but I already had moved that too :( 

And between the 2 of us we own easily 20 pillows, tons of blankets, so it worked. 

This was my set-up for watching conferences.  Some pillows we saved to cushion between heavier things that might scratch paint/wood/etc..   Josh had the extra pillow for his legs, I was against the wall with the coconut M&M's and my laptop. :) 

This is a small blurb for my cooking, on pinterest Million Dollar Spaghetti, so yummy!  We used our jalapeno sausage instead of ground hamburger but other than that stayed with the recipe.  So unhealthy, but so tasty.  And I cannot make this for a while bc our Mobile Home Oven doesn't get warmer than the "warm" setting.  We had a brunch on Conference Sunday and I wanted to bring some hash-browns, I had them in the oven almost 30 minutes at 350 and Nothing...  The glass pan was still frozen from the hash-browns.  So Josh investigated, bc it does light & everything but no difference between "warm" to 550 - which is its hottest temp.  

BUT we are MOVED! And that is exciting :) We both own a ton of stuff, but I am grateful we're out of the one bedroom apartment and half our stuff in the storage unit we rented.  Once we start making more progress I'll most some more pictures.  My new job is a blessing, but the hours are less desirable.  My first "official" week next week I am working 25 hours but in 6 days!  I literally go in for 3 hours one day.  Josh was even annoyed, but I told him I'd see how much the schedule fluctuated in 2-3 weeks.  I really only want to be there part-time so I can keep searching for other jobs and keep tackling the mobile home so the 25 hours is great, just not 6 days a week.  So we'll see.  Josh & I are very blessed.  New home, my new part-time job.  Things are coming together.