Friday, November 11, 2011

My First In-Door Rock Climbing Trip :)

Kayla Patridge took me on my first In-Door Rock Climbing trip, emphasis on in-door. She pushed the no-dirt factor and she had a purple harness that she promised is pretty. There are only pictures of me bouldering, you cannot really take pictures when you are on the wall because the one person is climbing and the other person is belaying so no free hands between the two of us.

This is me trying the more exciting boulder trails where it does not go just straight up but curves, you can see how awkward it looked to me at first. . .

I got up, the idea is pretty simple: follow the tape on the different holds.

I smiled for the camera :)

I tried to get up higher on the climb but my holds are wrong, my bottom right foot should be higher on the marked purple tape hold.

This hold is better, at least I think it is. I pretty much fell every time I got to this point.

On the wall I was able to complete all my trails, we did four actual marked paths after we practiced on the free wall. Also, did NOT know you repel down, I kind of figured you just climb down. Thankfully it was not the repelling I remember from as a kid so it was fine. I really enjoyed belaying, it is really fun to watch people on the wall, to see their concentration, their thought process and to be there and make sure they do not fall.