Sunday, April 3, 2011


For my time off work in March I went to Sedona :) It is so beautiful here with the Red Rocks and blue sky, and bright stars at night.  A friend from church, Josh Bowman went with me, he is very into the out-doors and said he'd make sure I had fun out in nature.

This is me beside a rock formation, probably the only picture with me in it to prove that I did go.

This is a picture of an Eagle carved into a mountain. I never could see the eagle, I thought it looked like an ugly hippo. It is suppose to watch and protect the church that was built inside the rock. Pretty cool, but weird that a church had a gift shop on the lower level.

These pictures I thought were just amazing showing the different rock layers, geology is FUN!

This picture I also really like, not because of the colors but the depth that is in-between each mountain structure.

The creeks were maybe my favorite, the mountains were pretty but standing next to a flowing creek was so peaceful.