Thursday, December 20, 2012

My New Apartment

I finally decided to post some pictures.  Mostly I wanted to wait till I got everything nice & perfect but with Josh in town & my new work schedule it has become a longer project than I had anticipated.  

This is my entry where my desk is, it is the only light right now in my entertainment area.  Josh moved his couch in for me to borrow till I get my own, it is TOO big but it will do for now.  It is very comfortable so I am grateful he is letting me borrow it. 

I still have some boxes in front of my fireplace but this is my entertainment area, the couch takes up most the room but it is nice to have someplace to sit by the TV.   My entertainment center looks great, I am really happy with it. 

I'll almost 100% move the little bookcase but that is where it will stay for now.  I got the chair free from MaryJo and it is nice, it will be a great reading chair under the lamp.  

My kitchen :)  I have some Christmas cards up from friends on my refrigerator and Josh made some artwork for me, & my sister said she'd have her kids make some for me!

My bedroom, my furniture looks great, this isn't an awesome picture, but it does look very nice in person.  I need to hang up pictures and make it a little more personal but it is big and nice.  No picture of my closet but I have a really good sized closet and a hall closet for my clothes.  

My bathroom is nice too!  Really good size, and the laundry area is just in the back door so it is away from everything which I like.  

I am very happy with it.  Major complaint is parking often is difficult to find close to where I live and at 9 a.m. they tend to do yard maintenance outside my apartment.  

I'lll get more pictures when things look nicer.